100 Series Electric Bicycle

$1,499 $1,599

Perfect for new riders or riders new to electric bikes. It’s accessible, affordable, and a whole lot of fun.

100 Series e-Bikes


  • 2 Frame Options
  • 3 Sizes
  • Integrated/Removable Battery
  • Throttle and Pedal Assist Ride Modes


Public transit-friendly

Bring it on-board. Genze e-Bikes are public transit-friendly, making your trip from home or work to the station smooth and hassle-free.



Ownership FAQ

A quick guide to frequently asked questions
How do I register my GenZe e-Bike?


To register your GenZe e-Bike, complete the form here, and then email a photo or copy of your receipt for proof of purchase.


Is there a sudden acceleration with the throttle?


No, the push off is gradual in the throttle mode to provide a smooth and steady ride experience.


How does the GenZe Companion App work with my e-Bike?


The GenZe app works through Bluetooth connection on the 200 series e-Bikes only. The app can be used to understand range and battery life, plan routes, track ride history, and measure exertion. The 200 series e-Bikes also come with a phone mount and integrated USB charger to keep you charged and connected while you ride.


Can the display and battery be stolen?


They’re both well integrated into the frame, so they’re less prominent to vandals. The battery is also locked, so the key would be required to remove it.


Will you be adding the app to the 100 series bike?


Not at this time.


How do I get an e-Bike serviced or repaired?


Make sure your e-Bike is inspected by an authorized GenZe dealer, or at a GenZe Service Center. You can find the nearest location here.


Is the GenZe e-Bike heavy?


GenZe e-bikes are 46 pounds, which in the world of e-bikes is relatively lightweight. GenZe e-bikes also have a convenient walk mode for stairs and steep hills, so you don’t have to pick them up.


Is there a consumer product warranty on GenZe e-Bikes?


Yes, we offer a 24-month warranty on the battery, and an 18-month/1,800 mile warranty on the parts and frame for the 100 series e-Bikes. For the 200 series, we offer a 2 year warranty on the frame, drivetrain and battery.


How far will it go on a single charge?


Using the throttle only, GenZe e-bikes will go about 20 miles per charge. With pedal assist, the range extends to 20-40 miles per charge. Range is affected by the weight of the rider, the type of terrain, and frequent stops and starts. Did you know that the average commute is less than 8 miles a day?


How fast do GenZe e-Bikes go?


GenZe e-Bikes will go up to 20mph in throttle mode.


What differentiates GenZe e-Bikes from the competition?


GenZe e-Bikes are different for a few reasons:

  • There’s a throttle and pedal-assist option (many e-Bikes offer only pedal-assist)
  • The motor is in the back, which provides a gentle push and a more balanced ride (other options have it in the front, pulling you forward)
  • The battery pops out easily so you can charge it anywhere (and integrates into the frame)
  • It’s high quality, but affordable (many e-Bikes are twice the price)


What’s an e-Bike?


An e-Bike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor. It’s a boost when you need it, and a bike when you don’t.


Where can I buy a GenZe e-Bike or GenZe e-Scooter?


To search for a retailer near you, please click here. For our 100 and 200 series e-Bikes, and all of our accessories, you can also purchase online.

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