Understand local safety and license information, and where to learn the rules of the road.

GenZe e­Bikes

The 100 and 200 series GenZe e­Bikes are Class 2, meaning there is a throttle on demand, and that the bikes top speed is 20mph. In the US, this means it is allowed in bike lanes, on transit systems that allow bicycles, and on multi­ use paths.

If you’re new to cycling, check out your local bicycle coalition, as many offer wonderful classes, maps and resources to help you feel confident while riding.

GenZe electric scooters

The GenZe electric scooters are classified as mopeds, so in most states, that means you just need a valid driver’s license to ride one. In some states (like California), you will need an M2 license to ride. To apply for an M2 license, go to your local DMV, or register for a certified training course.

For all of GenZe's products, we recommend wearing a helmet (always) and reflective clothing and gear.