River Lures Kayaking

River Lures Kayaking rents out its fleet of GenZe e-Bikes for tourists who kayak the 9-12-mile-long stream to return to their car. After an intense day kayaking, many customers are too tired to walk or ride a normal bicycle back, and the option of a shuttle van restricts their ability to enjoy the scenery. Riding the GenZe e-bikes, equipped with both throttle and pedal assist ride modes, allows them to have a relaxing and scenic ride back to their cars.

Green Ride MI

Green Ride MI rents out its GenZe e-Scooter fleet for nature enthusiasts to experience Saugatuck and Douglas in BEST way possible! With a 30-mile range, GenZe electric scooters allow riders to explore the beaches, restaurants, and area shops without the parking hassles and carbon emissions.

Performance Simplified

Genze e-Bikes have intuitive pedal assist and throttle response for riders at every level, and also offer:
  • Durable aluminum frames
  • Balanced design for improved control and safety
  • Swappable batteries charge off any standard wall outlet