Delivery Case Study

Usman Cheema

“The GenZe e-bikes offer the perfect, environmentally-friendly solution between a car and a bicycle. Now couriers can easily navigate traffic and ride farther for longer, without the sweat and effort of pedaling.”


Delivery Case Study

Vivek Patel

“By simply making a handful of deliveries a week, each of them will now be able to retain new vehicle solutions for unlimited use in their personal lives, while connecting orders to our customers even faster and earning even more when they’re on the platform. And by recognizing a responsibility to take steps to safeguard our planet, these environmentally-friendly transportation options offer a sustainable and clean-energy business solution to minimize our carbon footprint.”


e-Scooters for Deliveries:

  • More deliveries with minimal cost per mile as compared to a car.
  • Improved traffic/parking efficiency.
  • Fast, comfortable, connected and secure
  • Modular BackBay configurations can hold pizza boxes, keep goods hot or cold, accommodate 3rd party accessory options, and more

e-Bikes for Deliveries

  • Speed up and deliver more often than with a normal bicycle.
  • Great for everyone at any fitness level thanks to motor assistance.
  • Have the extra power to conquer those tough hilly locations.
  • Cheaper and more efficient than cars to navigate traffic & parking.