Optimization and control at your fingertips

With GenZe's app you can connect with your bike or scooter like never before and better your transportation.

Improve range and battery performance, manage your rides security to prevent theft, customize your route to avoid heavy traffic, run diagnostics to help maintain the health and well-being of your bike.

Contact GenZe for any and all of your needs, with American Electric to back you up in the Miami area. 

Battery Versatility

All of GenZe's products have removable batteries so that you can charge on the go conveniently in as little as three and a half hours. Simply unlock and remove the battery and plug it into any standard Outlet.

Variety of riding modes

From extending your range to enhanced speed control GenZe's 5 levels of pedal-assist and pure throttle mode will keep your ride fresh and interesting while satisfying your travel needs. 

Smooth power control

Precision PowerTrain Control software provides unmatched torque and throttle response to give you a seamless ride.

Charge anywhere and everywhere

GenZe electric bikes and scooters let you charge on the go thanks to their removable batteries that plug into any standard outlet.

Just slip your battery out for a quick charge up on the go, and forget range anxiety.

Fully charge in as little as 3 and a half hours. While keeping your battery safe and secure near you at all times.

Electric Evolution

The revolution of personal transportation is here.

With a GenZe bike or scooter our riders avoid heavy traffic, park with ease, and have a great time while taking care of business. Learn more about how GenZe is helping to redefining urban travel, and look at what real riders have to say about their experiences.



Backed up by the best

GenZe Miami is backed up by the professionalism and experience of AmericanElectric, with over 10 years in the electric vehicle industry, you can be sure quality and customer service are #1 with no compromise.

Serving Miami & South Florida is our focus, but additionally we extend our services to South & Central America, The Caribbean, Cuba and many more neighbor countries.